About us

Doesn’t everyone deserve to look good while wearing an affordable stylish pair of glasses?

BELXI Eyewear was founded in 2009 by two friends.

The mission was clear: Give people glasses they can actually afford but still make them look like a million bucks.

We started small With an appreciation of high-quality products and attention to detail, a little company with big ideas, but it quickly grew into a phenomenon. everyone found that they could get the selection they deserved at prices they could afford with BELXI Eyewear.

Better together

We are committed to providing a quality product and a safe shopping experience

Online Eyewear Made Easy

BELXI Eyewear is the online glasses store of your dreams (according to you!). Since 2009, we’ve been putting a focus on affordable, high-quality eyewear, which is why our customers consistently rate us the best place to buy glasses. From our on-trend designs to our everyday prices, see why our affordable glasses and sunglasses have landed everywhere from Vogue.com to Buzzfeed, and more — all thanks to you!


BELXI Eyewear was built upon the following principles, and is dedicated to fulfilling them:

-To provide the most affordable eyeglasses to people all over the world.
-To provide the highest-quality optical lenses to our customers.
-To make it easy to order eyeglasses online.
-To provide exceptional customer support.

Our mission:

Our mission: Creating frames that suit every personality and style. We are committed to fair prices and a transparent production process.